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About Us

We are recovery-oriented, person-centered services in the western Savannah River region of South Carolina including Aiken, Edgefield, and McCormick Counties.

Our Mission is to focus on whole-person health, whenever possible, connecting individuals with Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) to treatment and other services to help address health and social factors

which could hinder them from being successful in recovery.


The Savannah River ROC is an RCO managed by the Aiken Center for Substance Use Services, an outpatient facility that focuses on the prevention, treatment, and support of substance use issues. For more information about the services they provide please click the link below. 

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1 in 14 South Carolinians is living in recovery.

It is time that people with Substance Use Disorder are accepted, understood, appreciated, and respected by their communities without stigma or shame

“Our lived experience can support you as you make your way in recovery - any step of the way.”
[Original size] ROC business card (1).png

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531 Belvedere Clearwater Rd North Augusta SC 29841



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